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Hi and welcome to our stag and hen night website dedicated to giving you all the information you will need to make your stag or hen party one to remember.

The first thing you need to do, is to find out were you want to hold your stag and hen night or weekend. More and more people seem to be traveling abroad these days, for one you are guaranteed nicer weather and two its probably going to be the last lads or girls holiday the bride and grooms to be, are going to be going on for a very long time. Most of us have probably heard the famous saying ‘the last night of freedom‘. So make it one night to remember!

Popular stag and hen destinations away from the UK are Prague, Riga, Berlin, Benidorm and Amsterdam to name just a few. There are websites that exclusively  cater for stags and hens. They make it so easy for you all you need to do is ring them, book it and pay the deposit. They will arrange the flights, airport transfers, accommodation and the fun and games that go along with it, making it one to remember.

If you are staying in the UK for your stag or hen night, popular UK destinations are Leeds, Brighton, Edinburgh and Blackpool to name just a few. Most people will probably stay over at a cheap hotel for the night and start partying from noon right through to the very early hours. You only need to walk in any pub on a summers Saturday afternoon in Blackpool to see how many people are enjoying their last night of freedom there. The place is jam packed with people wearing silly stag and hen outfits.

Once you have decided on your destination and numbers attending, it time to start planning the fun and games that can make it a stag and hen night to remember. Most of you will definitely be making up dares, challenges and pranks for the stags and hens to complete. A word of warning though don’t go over the top or you could end up spending the night in a police cell. Make the games clean and fun and you won’t go far wrong.

Planning a stag and hen weekend doesn’t need to be difficult, the internet is a great place to do some research to find out were the best places are to go to have the best time. If you are the stag or hen weekend organiser its best to get as many different prices as you can, more and more people seem to be traveling abroad, because during the summer months you are almost guaranteed hot weather. For the people who are going for the night option compared to a full weekend, these people tend to just book one nights accommodation in a popular UK hen and stag destination. The most popular destinations in the UK are Blackpool and Brighton.

For the people going for the stag and hen weekend option it is probably better traveling abroad, because you can pay just as much if not more just to stay in the UK. The only downside to traveling abroad, ie mainly Europe is the very weak pound against the euro. It is very expensive now, compared to just a few years a go. One place that is extremely expensive is Dublin, if you are on a tight budget Dublin is definitely not the hen and stag weekend destination you should be going for.

Once you have got a price for all the different destinations, a good idea is to all meet up and discuss were everyone would like to go. The best bet is to go with the majority vote, but most importantly pick a destination were the stag and hen would like to go to. This is after all there weekend or night. When you have decided on the place to go, just book it, if you hang around what you will find is people dropping out as the weeks pass. The more people that go on the stag and hen weekend the better, have you ever heard the famous phrase ‘The More The Merrier’. It definitely applies to stag and hen parties, last year I went on one with only five people attending let me tell you the atmosphere just didn’t feel like a stag night.

To make it the best stag and hen weekend you can it really is in the planning.  Why not get into the spirit of it by getting stag and hen t shirts printed out and getting together a list of games and pranks to play. Do your research on which bars and clubs to visit, no point wasting your time in places that are dead with no party atmosphere.

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